Why Valhalla Books?

You know when you feel like something is just right? You get excited about it and want to do all the things?

That is how I feel about Valhalla Books! It is the next step I needed to take as an author. I started the Savannah Quill in 2016, and have been thinking of a book imprint name for my upcoming anthology I am publishing.

I wanted something that would be simple and that meant something to me. I chose Valhalla Books because of my own Germanic heritage as a tribute to my ancestors as well as a name I could be proud of moving forward.

I am very excited about being a small press publisher here in Savannah, Georgia. I have met many wonderful and creative people, and have spent the six years working on my goal.

I wanted to encapsulate my mission so I could communicate my goals with people easily. I came up with this:

I want to share compelling stories so that people enjoy reading again!

I’m still learning, and I appreciate all of y’all with your support. I could not have asked for a better group of people to embark on this new journey.

Thank you!

Adam Messer

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