Starting haunted season off with a Bang!

Starting haunted season off with a Bang!

I am excited to share we have two book launches this week. The first book is Winfield H. Strock III’s horror novel Red Sounding about a Cold War era Russian submarine whose crew unknowingly takes on an unwelcomed guest. The second book is a macabre collection of dark songs, poetry, and illustrations The Midnight Collection by Ryan Dunn.

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For Valhalla!

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Terror knows no boundaries, especially when brothers must fight their own to survive.

The crew of K-389 cannot face the horrific, unnatural truth. Blood-drained bodies, crewmates stricken with rabid madness, and shared dreams of a redheaded woman all provide glaring clues. The longer the command seeks an orthodox explanation, the deeper the crew descends into chaos. Only when Mikhail Koryavin survives a vampire attack does he put the pieces together. He must recruit brave believers to save their ship. As the crew dwindles and the vampire ranks swell, questions more dangerous arise. Who accepts an invitation to join the undead? Who feasts on his brothers-in-arms without remorse? What will they do with a submarine armed for Armageddon?

Macabre songs and poems from the dark of the night!

The Midnight Collection offers a thrilling gothic rollercoaster of emotions through dark poetry, song lyrics, and illustrations. Raw, gritty, and unbridled, Dunn takes the reader on a tour through jaded love, addiction, death, war; all through his mind’s eye. There are no full stops along the way, and your journey into madness has only begun. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Ryan Dunn is the author of Savannah’s Afterlife: True Tales of a Paranormal Investigator, and Savannah’s Afterlife II. He and his wife Kim founded the Savannah Ghost Research Society in 2010. In 2013, they opened a tour company, Afterlife Tours, which features real paranormal evidence they have captured. Ryan has appeared on Travel Channel’s Most Terrifying Places and Haunted U.S.A., A&E’s My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera, Destination America’s Paranormal Lockdown, and SyFy Channel’s Paranormal Witness, as well as others. Ryan and Kim live in Savannah, G.A. with their two daughters, Jenny and Addison, and their son Griswold, their English Bulldog.

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