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Valhalla Books publishes compelling fiction in sci-fi, horror, and fantasy books readers love.

Valhalla Books was founded in January 2020 by Publisher Adam Messer with the goal in mind to publish compelling fiction readers love. Messer, who is an author, journalist, and radio show host, wanted to focus on genres he loves reading; sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and new pulp.

Valhalla Books origin story travels back to 2016 when Messer founded The Savannah Quill Convention. “Connecting writers and readers to promote literacy” is The Savannah Quill motto. Since 2016, Messer and other authors in the area promoted literacy through conventions, Meet the Author events, book signings, and Books & Brews Savannah. After several book conventions, Messer decided to make the events smaller and more intimate for authors and readers.

Books & Brews Savannah is a charitable event to help raise funds for The Ronald McDonald Charities of the Coastal Empire. Messer started Books & Brews Savannah in November 2018. The Ronald McDonald Charities of the Coastal Empire helps provide a home away from home for the families of critically injured or ill children. Since 2018, the authors have helped raise funds and awareness for The House.

Messer became a journalist for The Savannah Morning News in 2014, and published his first fiction book Blood Thrasher: The Devil’s in the Metal in 2018. He began work on the horror anthology The Devil’s Due: Nothing Is Ever As It Seems in July 2019 with hand-picked authors he knew, as well as a few referrals to authors, with the goal to publish the book May 26, 2020, World’s Dracula Day. Originally under The Savannah Quill Publishing House, Messer had other plans in mind.

With the onset of the new year, Messer thought about forming a small print publishing house with its own imprint, logo, and a way to separate the charitable events he held with The Savannah Quill and Books & Brews Savannah. After careful thought and consideration, he decided to call it Valhalla Books after his love of Norse mythology, viking lore, and Led Zepplin’s Immigrant Song.

Valhalla Books is much more than a small print publisher. Valhalla Books is an idea. Valhalla Books is a whisper travelling the warm sea winds telling tall tales from traveler to traveler. Valhalla Books is storytelling, and is not just a community of authors and readers, but storytellers.

We have individual titles from our core authors including Adam Messer Josh Vasquez, Winfield H. Strock III, Ryan Dunn, Bobby Nash, and Mark Allen Gunnells. Our published anthology authors include : Jude Reid, Bobby Nash, Rachel Brune, Tim Jeffreys, Mark Allen Gunnels, Josh Vasquez, Carol Gyzander, Winfield Strock III, Ravyn Crescent, Shane Nelson, Samuel R. Grosse, Alledria Hurt, and Adam Messer.

As we continue to forge ahead, our goal continues to be sharing compelling fiction readers love.

We invite you to join our Valhalla Books community today!

Adam Messer

Valhalla Books Publisher
“If you love action, you’ll love Valhalla Books!”

Adam Messer

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