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Alledria Hurt

Alledria Hurt is an African-American author of multiple titles in Speculative Fiction. She currently resides in Savannah, GA as a part-time author and full-time cat mother.

When did you know you wanted to be an author? Do you remember and can you share a specific time or story of when you knew?

In the 8th grade, my English teacher told me I had talent and by heaven, I believed her. It made me feel special, so off I went and I’ve looked back a couple of times. But as the saying goes, “Don’t spend much time looking back cause you’re not going that way”
What do you love reading? What are some of your favorite books and authors? Why? 
I’m a self-help junkie. I will devour a self-help book like a tiger on prey. Currently really loving Rachel Hollis.
Tell the readers about who has been influential in your writing career and why? 
I could be listing people all day. Every time I turn around I have a ‘when the student is ready, the teacher will appear’ moment. I think the biggest influence on my career is probably John Hartness. He lovingly yells at me when he thinks I should be doing something that I’m not. I actually respond very well to that kind of interaction. My favorite thing that has come out of him yelling at me is getting the chance to speak at DragonCon which is by far my favorite con of all time.
What are your favorite craft books? (For example, Stephen King’s On Writing). Why?
Stephen King’s On Writing is definitely up there at the top. Stephen King is my all-time favorite writer anyway, so writing advice from the King’s desk is gold. Another one, which I’ve just finished for the third time, is “The Art of War for Writers” by James Scott Bell. I picked it up because I read “The Art of War” a long time ago and enjoyed it so adding it to my writing life made a lot of sense. Another good one in a similar vein is “The War of Art” which deals with why creatives have such a hard time creating.
What goes through your mind as you are writing? 
-blinks- A lot of things. Most of it underneath the level of my paying attention to it.
What do you wish you had known when you first started writing? Why? 
This journey is sometimes going to school in the middle of winter with no shoes and having to go uphill both ways. You’ll get there if you’re determined enough, but you’re gonna work for it. Why that is important to know is grit. If you don’t have the grit to stick it out, then you’re in the wrong business.
Do you have anything else you would like to share with the readers? Sometimes I even update.

The Black Rock by Alledria Hurt

The Black Rock – Alledria Hurt

When Alison runs afoul of an auto accident, she doesn’t assume she’ll
get anything out of it other than a token payment for her much too old
car. However, what she gets is the black rock, an object she had to take
from its previous owner. With a little bit of blood, and a wish, she
meets an entity which can make her dreams of being a bestselling writer
come true. For certain.

Nothing is ever as it seems. Ill-begotten wealth, fame, and glory come at a high price.

Featuring award winning authors and Horror Writers Association members, The Devil’s Due offers enthralling horror stories of underhanded deals gone awry.

Pre-order now for the Halloween 2020 release!

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