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Carol Gyzander

Carol Gyzander cared for both parents through Alzheimer’s. She has horror, dark fiction, and scifi stories in Stories We Tell After Midnight/Crone Girls Press; Hell’s Highways; Across the Universe: Tales of Alternate Beatles/Fantastic Books; and Cat Ladies of the Apocalypse/Camden Park Press. As Writerpunk Press co-founder, she’s edited four anthologies including Hideous Progeny: Classic Horror Goes Punk and the award-winning Merely This and Nothing More: Edgar Allan Poe Goes Punk. HWA, MWA

When did you know you wanted to be an author? Do you remember and can you share a specific time or story of when you knew? 
I recently found a little book made of folded paper, titled “A Book About Dogs” that I made when I was five. However, it wasn’t until about twenty years ago that the idea really came back home. I was listening to mystery/thriller writer Harlan Coben, who lived in my hometown, address a luncheon gathering about plotting a novel. I thought, “Yeah, I want to do that.” Of course, I had two little kids at the time and it took a while for me to get it rolling.
What do you love reading? What are some of your favorite books and authors? Why? 
My early loves were three “A” authors: Agatha, Andre (Norton) and Asimov. These days I still love reading mystery and science fiction, and now I love horror as well: Lee Murray is awesome, as well as Jeff Strand and Tim Waggoner.
Tell the readers about who has been influential in your writing career and why? *
I wrote my first novel during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). It’s a volunteer group that encourages folks to write 50,000 words of a novel during the month of November (that’s a bit more than half). The structure was quite helpful to me, and the thing that really helped cement it was the small in-person writing group I joined at a local coffee shop, run by my pal Brian Lynch. We all met every Tuesday to sit together and write, and this was what got me to finish the novel over the next year!
What are your favorite craft books? (For example, Stephen King’s On Writing). Why? 
Marcy Kennedy has a whole series of short books called the Busy Writer’s Guides, each of which delves into a particular topic; some of the ones I’ve enjoyed are Deep Point of View, Internal Dialogue, and Showing and Telling in Fiction. I like them because they are short, to-the-point and give examples.
What goes through your mind as you are writing?
My first pass through a story is often fairly bare-bones, and made up of basic actions and dialogue; then I go back and layer in more description, actions that reveal the character’s inner thoughts, etc. So, when I’m writing, I always try to picture whether I am creating dialogue realistically. Would someone really talk like that?
What do you wish you had known when you first started writing? Why?
A clearer understanding of point-of-view and how/when to choose which way to tell the story would have been a true gift! I spent a long time deliberating about that on my first amateur detective novel, and wound up rewriting it from first person to close third person. I knew enough to think about it, at least, but not enough to make the right (write?) decision!
Do you have anything else you would like to share with the readers? 
One of the greatest things that has helped my writing has been my experience as an editor. I’ve been participating with Writerpunk Press, which produces charity anthologies of punk genre stories (cyberpunk, steampunk, biopunk, etc.) inspired by classic tales such as Shakespeare, Poe, and classic horror. I’ve been Editor-in-Chief for the last four anthologies, and working with both the volunteer editors and the writers helped me gain great insight into the process of what makes a good story. And, we support an animal shelter called PAWS in Lynwood, WA while also making fabulous books!

Face It by Carol Gyzander

Face It – Carol Gyzander

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Nothing is ever as it seems. Ill-begotten wealth, fame, and glory come at a high price.

Featuring award winning authors and Horror Writers Association members, The Devil’s Due offers enthralling horror stories of underhanded deals gone awry.

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