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Jude Reid

Jude lives in Glasgow, and writes horror stories in the narrow gaps between full time work, wrangling her kids and trying to wear out a border collie. She takes her coffee with oat milk.

When did you know you wanted to be an author? Do you remember and can you share a specific time or story of when you knew?

I think I’ve always wanted to write, but it wasn’t until December 2018 that I decided I wasn’t going to get very far as a writer unless I started writing and submitting my work. And so, my quest to get rejected 100 times in 2019 was born. It was a whirlwind — I submitted 100 pieces to magazines, anthologies, RPG publishers — anywhere I found an open call that appealed I wrote something and sent it off. I’ve now got 21 short stories accepted for publication, including my first novelette in Devil’s Due, and half a dozen more submitted. It’s safe to say I’m going to keep going…
What do you love reading? What are some of your favorite books and authors? Why? 
Reading is escapism, pure and simple. My fondest childhood memories are of being totally immersed in the works of writers like Diana Wynne Jones and E. Nesbit, where kids just like me went on amazing adventures. I graduated onto Terry Pratchett not long after, and the scale of his worldbuilding and his remarkable, insightful compassion for the human condition got me hooked.
Tell the readers about who has been influential in your writing career and why? 
Neil Gaiman, Naomi Aldermann, Diana Wynne Jones, Stephen King. They’re all writers who seem to see just a little bit further than everyone else, and tell stories that wrap the reader up in magic.
What are your favorite craft books? (For example, Stephen King’s On Writing). Why?
Zen and the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury and Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg are two of my favourite craft books — not because of any particular technical secrets that they share, but because they share their respective philosophies of how they approach the page. And for both, the key to being a writer is to write.
What goes through your mind as you are writing? 
If I’m lucky, I’m completely immersed in the story and thinking of nothing else. Usually though I’m fretting over my word count, deadlines, what’s for dinner and why the dog and the kids have gone mysteriously silent.
What do you wish you had known when you first started writing? Why? 
That even an imperfect story on the page is better than the perfect story in your head.
Do you have anything else you would like to share with the readers? 
No 🙂

The Resurrection and the Life by Jude Reid

The Resurrection and the Life – Jude Reid

“First do no harm.”

They were supposed to be the words Alec Duffy would live his life by — instead, there’s a dead man at his feet and blood on his hands. It’s going to take a miracle for Duffy to graduate with his life, his reputation and his future intact — but in the depths of a hard Glasgow winter, miracles are thin on the ground.

Nothing is ever as it seems. Ill-begotten wealth, fame, and glory come at a high price.

Featuring award winning authors and Horror Writers Association members, The Devil’s Due offers enthralling horror stories of underhanded deals gone awry.

Pre-order now for the Halloween 2020 release! https://amzn.to/36CDWDp

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