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Tim Jeffreys

Tim Jeffreys’ short fiction has appeared in Weirdbook, Not One of Us, and Nightscript, among various other publications, and his latest collection of horror stories and strange tales ‘You Will Never Lose Me’ is available now. He lives in Bristol, England, with his partner and two children.

When did you know you wanted to be an author? Do you remember and can you share a specific time or story of when you knew? 
As soon as I started writing seriously, aged about 20 or so, I started fantasizing about being an author and I knew that was what I wanted to do.
What do you love reading? What are some of your favorite books and authors? Why? 
I like reading short stories: genre and non-genre stuff. Some of my favourites are Jeffrey Ford (for his incredible imagination), Laird Barron (for his darkness), Robert Aickman (for his elusiveness), and Alice Munro (because I can’t figure out how her stories work). I just got back into reading novels now that my kids are a little bit older. DH Lawrence and Iris Murdoch are a couple of my favourite novelists.
Tell the readers about who has been influential in your writing career and why? 
I suppose I could say Stephen King, because my copy of The Stand had illustrations in it, and I’d never seen a novel with illustrations in it before. I love to draw as well as write, so at the time this seemed like the perfect example of what I might create myself and got me into writing fiction. Now the idea of an illustrated novel seems slightly ludicrous.
What are your favorite craft books? (For example, Stephen King’s On Writing). Why?
I found Story by Robert McKee very useful, even though it’s aimed at screenwriters. I think it sets out the rules of creating a story very well, but a good writer will of course break those rules.
What goes through your mind as you are writing?
Where did the past 3 hours go?
What do you wish you had known when you first started writing? Why?
That being a good writer takes a lot of work, and that thing you just banged out isn’t the work of genius you think it is.
Do you have anything else you would like to share with the readers?
Please go show my books some love! 🙂

Here comes Mr Herribone by Tim Jeffreys

Here Comes Mr Herribone! – Tim Jeffreys

Jim Game and his partner, Tommy, work the comedy circuit without success until Tommy invents the character of Mr Herribone. With his sackcloth head, pratfalls, and song and dance routines, Mr Herribone is a hit. Soon Jim and Tommy are doing sold out gigs and TV shows. But did Tommy really invent Mr Herribone? Or did he strike a deal with someone, something, somewhere? And the price of that deal? Jim is about to find out.

Nothing is ever as it seems. Ill-begotten wealth, fame, and glory come at a high price.

Featuring award winning authors and Horror Writers Association members, The Devil’s Due offers enthralling horror stories of underhanded deals gone awry.

Pre-order now for the Halloween 2020 release! https://amzn.to/36CDWDp

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