The Savannah Vampire Novel Series

Blood Thrasher : The Devil’s in the Metal Revamped!: The Savannah Vampire Novel Series Book I : The Devil’s in the Metal Director’s Cut

Two unsuspecting friends accidentally get caught up in the fight for their lives! Will they survive the night? Blood Thrasher is the hottest heavy metal band in 1989! Their only problem? They are being hunted by The Order, an ancient sect vowed to destroying anything occult. Follow along with Anna and the rest of the band on their journey in this fast-paced action thriller as they fight to save their immortal souls!—Fast paced action thriller.

Blood Thrasher : Vinyl All Night Revamped!: The Savannah Vampire Novel Series Book II : Vinyl All Night Director’s Cut

The Action continues with Blood Thrasher: Vinyl All Night and picks the story up immediately after The Devil’s in the Metal.Greg, Anna and Johnny barely escape with their lives and are now being hunted by The Order. They take refuge in Seattle with Greg’s old friend Lars Krieger. Unhappy with losing everything, Greg seeks the lavish lifestyle and decides to go back home to England to meet up with an old friend. Nothing is ever as it seems though and Greg finds himself fallen prey to a trap. After not hearing from Greg for several weeks, they decide to look for him, not knowing the danger ahead. Will they be able to escape the dogs of war?

Blood Thrasher : The Dead and The Damned!: The Savannah Vampire Novel Series Book III

Banished by the Coven, and on the run from an ancient sect called The Order, Anna, Lars, and Lilith recovered Greg’s shriveled corpse from Darien and his henchmen. Now they are heading to find the Queen of New Orleans, seeking the aid of her dark magic to bring Greg back from the dead. Little do they know who is expecting their arrival. Welcome to Blood Thrasher: The Dead and the Damned!

About the Author

Adam Messer (Photo credit Molly Hayden)

Adam Messer is an author, journalist, and radio host. He enjoys connecting with other creative people. He is a columnist for the Savannah Morning News Do Savannah.  He hosts his radio show The Adam Messer Show live on WRUU 107.5 FM Savannah where he interviews authors, artists, and entertainers.  He is the publisher of Valhalla Books and publishes compelling fiction people enjoy reading.

Messer enjoys spending time with his family. 

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